MCC Marine is a Shipyard Agent for Astander (Santander-Spain), Astican (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria-Spain) and Namdock (Walvis Bay-Namibia), for French Shipowners & Shipmanagers.

MCC Marine acts as an interface between the Clients in France and the Shipyards represented.

We play an informative and supportive role to establish good commercial relationships between the Clients and the Shipyards.


Shipyard Agent


For the Shipyards, we have an overall view of the French market, the fleet and area of operation.

We regularly contact the clients and inform the shipyards of the market situation and when vessels are due for docking in their geographical area.

It gives the shipyards the possibility to quote on a competitive basis and to repair the Clients’ vessels timely.

For the French Shipowners & Shipmanagers, we best match the Clients’ needs and expectations with the capacity, competency, and location of the shipyard.

We are a point of contact before, during the repairs and after the project.  We are ready to assist in negotiations and we regularly contact the Superintendent in charge to follow the progress of the project. After the repairs, we discuss with the Clients the overall performance of the shipyard with the likes and dislikes and how to further enhance the experience next time.

Sometimes the role extends to being of personal support to the Clients, for local knowledge, information, or any assistance they may require.

We have an informative, commercial relationship, and supportive role for both the Clients and for the Shipyards although the decisions and contracts remain directly between the Clients and the Shipyards.

Our relationship with the Shipyards and the Clients is transparent unless the information is confidential, and the relationship is based on trust and experience.


Our aim is to create a mutually long-term beneficial relationship between the Clients and the Shipyards and to be of service to both parties.